The Unitarian Slayer

There is still space for you to participate in the learning circle The Unitarian Slayer, starting September 28, 2005 at UUFR and running through February 15, 2006. Sessions will be Wednesday night from 7:00 to 9:30 in the music room on the second floor of Fellowship Hall. Child care will be available. Facilitator: Diane Wilson.

Photo: Buffy cast

Each week, we will discuss love, forgiveness, courage, integrity, sacrifice, loyalty, loss, and spirituality, based on the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy fans know that the show encompasses much more than simple humor or genre horror; its core issues and storylines are based on family and relationships, spiritual journeys, and personal growth. While the stories are based on fantasy, Buffy always stays true to emotional and moral realism, and the series draws from many religions and philosophies. What can we learn about the principles and values of Unitarian-Universalism from the Slayer?

If you haven't yet seen Buffy, this is a great opportunity to learn why this show has earned such a strong following. We will view two episodes each week, and background will be provided for those not familiar with the series.

You do not need to commit to attending all 18 sessions; schedule conflicts are part of modern life. However, I hope that you will be able to commit to attending at least half of the course.

For more information contact Diane Wilson at 467-5909 or